Various cheeses on tagliatte pasta, oven-fried chicken in tomato sauce filled with basil and capers, and cheddar cheese

Marinated grilled chicken breast, fresh thyme sauce, caramelized onions, sauteed potatoes with garlic hot oil, sumac and fresh green salad

Grilled chicken and crispy basil marinated with lemon juice, lemon peels and fresh herbs over roasted eggplant and parmesan risotto

Boneless chicken cutlets cooked with barbecue sauce, accompanied by crushed baby potatoes with rosemary, sautéed spinach leaves with caramelized tomatoes and mushrooms

Mashed potatoes, sauteed asparagus, marinated grilled chicken fillet and honey brown sauce

Buttered gnocchi with mushrooms and spinach, topped with slow-cooked chicken leg confit, fried cherry tomatoes, fresh spices and hoisin sauce

Grilled diet chicken breast accompanied by zucchini spaghetti with pesto sauce, homemade hummus, pickled red onions, roasted peppers, black cumin and sesame seed

Thinly battered breaded chicken breast, french fries, arugula leaves, dried tomatoes and lemon with butter

Slow cooked tandoori turkey legs, baked root vegetables with olive oil, green salad with avocado and pickled red onions

Grilled chicken breast and chicken chops with grilled ring potatoes, chinese noodles, mushroom sauce, teriyaki sauce and roasted sesame

Cubed chicken breast flavored with Indian curry spices, jasmine flavored basmati rice, toasted Indian bread and lemon slices

Light garlic mashed potato topped with grilled chicken breast stuffed with gruyere, ham and spinach accompanied with five cheese ravioli and lemon zest

Chicken tenderloin slices with mushroom sauce and crispy potatoes on village noodles flavored with butter

Grilled diet chicken breast gratinated with nutmeg eggplant, accompanied by mildly spicy Cajun spiced seasonal vegetables, and greens

Chicken breast cooked in red wine mushroom sauce over fettucine pasta prepared with spinach leaves and parmesan cheese